Geocon roster stands for maximum compatibility:

We integrate seamlessly into your existing IT landscape.


Module / Integration

With software developments for electronic staff rostering, we have been playing a decisive role in shaping a core area of IT-enabled human resources management for many years.

Our Geocon interface management guarantees an efficient connection to your existing software systems.

Technology partnerships for mutual success

We are in a cross-industry development exchange with software manufacturers.

This enables us to offer our customers not only future-oriented solutions but also reliable data synchronisation with third-party software from a wide range of specialist areas.

Integration - Examples

In addition to the actual scheduling, we offer you interfaces for mono and bidirectional data transfers.

This significantly increases the efficiency of your planning processes.


Interfaces to personnel systems: Synchronisation of employee master data

  • Automated import of staff data into the scheduling system: Names, address data, qualifications, employment contracts, working hours, etc.
  • Storage of past changed working hours, ward changes, etc.
  • No manual duplication of employee master data required, thus saving considerable time and avoiding possible sources of error due to manual input errors
  • Data exchange with many commercially available personnel systems: LOGA, Datev, SAP, KIDICAP, Paisy, ADATA, etc.


Module for dynamic export/import of absence times

  • Automated export of planned absences in individually defined time intervals (by the hour, day or week).
  • Time-controlled import of confirmed absences from personnel systems
  • Synchronisation of payroll-relevant periods with entries in personnel systems (holiday planning, sickness entries by the hour/day with specification of start/end dates of the respective period)
  • Data exchange with many commercially available personnel systems: LOGA, Datev, SAP, KIDICAP, Paisy, ADATA, etc.


Integration with payroll programs: Synchronisation of billing-relevant data

Automated calculation of wage-relevant values with transfer to payroll systems, thus saving considerable time and avoiding possible sources of error due to manual input errors.

  • Transfer of all wage-relevant data (bonuses, alternating shift allowances, hourly accounts, etc.)
  • Transfer of information on wage types and absences (daily, weekly or monthly)
  • Interfaces to all standard wage systems: LOGA, Datev, SAP, KIDICAP, Paisy, ADATA, etc.


Interfaces for timekeeping: Imports time bookings for comparison with working time entries

Actual working hours of employees can be recorded via terminals from different external providers. Parameters such as punch in and punch out, break times, visits to authorities, etc. are automatically transferred to Geocon and displayed to the assigned supervisors in a clear control panel. In this way, incorrect bookings or unauthorised deviations can be detected and corrected in advance.

  • Direct transfer of time bookings to the roster or advance control by superiors
  • Individually definable waiting periods
  • Retransfer of balance and holiday accounts to terminals (information view for employees)
  • Daily/monthly evaluations of all recorded bookings including deviations
  • Interfaces to terminals of leading providers of timekeeping solutions


Care documentation interface: Import of daily updated resident numbers to determine optimal staffing levels

Precise determination of the actual need for care resources: Daily transmission of resident numbers from the care documentation and the resulting daily care requirement.

  • Avoidance of incorrect planning: only the clearly available, refinanced net hours are displayed
  • Daily updated number of residents in the respective wards / living areas
  • Immediate daily recalculation in case of change of residents
  • Calculation of available refinanced care hours on the basis of stored care grades / staffing ratios
  • Clear displays for roster planners to avoid incorrect planning


Tour planning interface: Bidirectional alignment of duty and tour times

Transfer of employees available for duty and re-import of actual assignment times into the roster


Business Intelligence Tools

Database views for timely information to support sound business decisions (target/actual variances; overtime; accruals etc.)


With Geocon you opt for:

  • Powerful data synchronisation with third-party systems
  • Future-oriented integration into your existing processes
  • Professional implementation management
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