Strategic scheduling is the central building block in any hospital's personnel planning.
On the one hand, the focus is on patient needs - the staff deployed must cover the demand for medical care and patient care in terms of quantity and professional qualifications.
On the other, hospitals are under ever-increasing cost pressure - overcapacities and a lack of qualification-related staff deployments put a strain on limited budgets.

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Care & social affairs

The care sector, with its numerous pay scales and planning-intensive rostering is one of the most complex challenges of modern staff rostering.
Our solutions show ways of intelligently combining staffing needs, resources and employee preferences.

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Emergency services

Plan required crews per shift (specialist/auxiliary), calculate number of paramedics, emergency medical technicians, emergency physicians; provide evidence of negotiated reserve hours and additional overtime worked; identify tasks unrelated to rescue services; anticipate workload in times of high demand (e.g. events or holiday periods); manage rotation of staff between different shifts and rescue stations.

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In the retail sector, shift schedules are commonplace simply because of long opening hours. In addition, the amount of work and staffing in the retail sector is highly dependent on the day of the week or the season.
The central role here is to know the peak hours of the retail business and ensure availability of enough staff to meet customer demand.

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Security guards & services

Forward-looking rostering in security guard and services is based on the scheduled security services for a client as well as on the distribution of its locations. The services to be provided, such as property protection, patrol service or reception service define the required number of security staff and the necessary qualifications (e.g. special training or certificates).
Mobile timekeeping in particular supports efficient implementation: Working times can be easily recorded from the property using a smartphone.

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