Timekeeping software or hardware-based:

Terminals - Browser - App


Geocon timekeeping

Individual entries – control instances - transfer to scheduling

We make it easy for you and your employees - every time entry on a terminal, in a browser or in our app is transferred time-controlled as an entry into our scheduling software.

We can provide our customers with a complete solution from a single source:

  • Configuration and delivery of the required hardware and software (terminals, chip cards, booking tool)
  • Parametrisation of all data streams between terminal software and scheduling program
  • Comparison / evaluation of all bookings with export to other third-party software (accounting programs)

Hardware-based timekeeping

We supply our customers with state-of-the-art terminals from our technology partners.

All functionalities are seamlessly integrated into our software products.

With hardware terminals from our technology partner Datafox, we establish an uninterrupted data flow in our customer projects: Booking data is automatically transferred from terminals in entrance areas via upstream control panels to the respective daily cell of a roster.

We advise you on any process variants regarding data synchronisation between terminals and scheduling. For example, you decide whether terminal bookings should directly adjust the working times already planned in the software or whether the bookings made should first be checked by supervisors and corrected, if necessary.

Terminals from other manufacturers are also addressed via our interfaces: We can integrate almost all well-known providers, as well as rarely found product manufacturers, into individual system environments and connect them to our scheduling software.

Software-based timekeeping

Send bookings via browser or app - independent of location or in defined geographical booking zones (GPS).


In addition to terminal solutions, we offer you completely software-based timekeeping.

Our internal Geocon web timekeeping program requires no separate installation and no additional hardware. After opening any browser, employees can authenticate themselves and record their punch in, punch out or even a short visit. They also get a precise overview of current working time and holiday accounts.

Booking functions of our GeoconAPP offer completely location-independent timekeeping. Optional, individually defined zones can restrict the geographical radius for bookings (e.g. only in the vicinity of premises to be guarded or within a location).


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