Mobile solutions for staff rostering

Geocon WebClient + GeoconAPP: Mobile staff rostering

Always know which shifts are due - Track changes - Direct notification of requests or holiday applications - Offer vacant working times

Our mobile solutions enable workflows that allow planners and employees to communicate with each other!


Direct communication between employees and superiors

Geocon WebClient - Platform for approval processes

All employees can be directly integrated into planning processes via their own user profiles. They can access their own schedules via the internet or intranet, e.g. to enter desired shifts, changes in shifts and active times (on-call), to apply for leave or to apply for vacant working times.

Supervisors can check all entries accordingly and include them in further planning.

  • Access to own rosters (read and/or write)
  • Request leave and desired duties
  • Apply for vacant working times
  • Enter duty changes
  • View and enter timekeeping entries (overview of punch in/punch out)
  • Print forms
  • Update master data
  • Optimal compatibility of professional and private appointments - thanks to synchronisation of working times with smartphone calendar (including changes)

GeoconAPP: Mobile smartphone solutions

Watch our demo video on our Geocon YouTube channel:

GeoconAPP - quickly check on the go what's coming up ...

Whether early, late or night duty, compensatory time-off, stand-in or holiday: Every entry in the roster is immediately visible, with start/end times and break periods!

And if you want, you can automatically synchronise all entries with your personal calendar.

Changes required? Simply send changes to working times to the planners on the go or from home.

The old reporting procedures are over - no more annoying phone calls, no more handwritten notes ... just enter the changed working hours in the app and tap send!

All deviations immediately end up with the responsible superiors in the actual Geocon roster.

Planning holidays or requesting compensatory time-off? Everything can be done on the go: Select reason for absence, enter start/end date, send. Each request is listed directly in the profile of the assigned supervisor! Once approved, the absences appear directly in the Geocon roster. And of course, the employee receives a push notification about the approved request ...

Transparent staff rostering for employees and for planners -
With Geocon WebClient and GeoconAPP, your rostering is always one click away!

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