Staff rostering and working time management in hospitals in general are subject to strong processes of change due to ever new requirements under collective bargaining law and increasing cost pressure.

Doctors, medical-technical services and care staff must be precisely coordinated with each other in terms of their duty times, possible rotation requirements and professional qualifications in the personnel planning of a clinic. The fundamental task is to provide the right staff at the right place of work.

Dynamic scheduling offers clinics not only flexible models for shift work, stand-by and on-call duties, but also additional solutions for monitoring fluctuations in demand.

Each clinic has its own planning universe

Tailored to all departments, scheduling in a clinic takes into account the requirements of all roles and positions: Nurses, medical services staff, administration, housekeeping and building services, therapists, doctors and external leasing staff.

Why plan with Geocon in clinics?

  • Scheduling - developed for clinics and rehabilitation facilities:
    • Legally compliant: Automatic consideration of all specifications of the MArburger Bund, AVR, TVöD, TV-L, etc.
    • Demand-based: Displays for staffing requirements on the basis of patient numbers and care ratios.
    • Efficient: Combined planning with duties and on-calls; storage of central master plans with clocking per staff member; automatic generation of rosters at the end of the month for next months; multi-level annual leave planning; methods for entitlement calculations that can be used in parallel, any number of time accounts.
    • Clear: Freely definable views for target/actual comparisons, multi-month and cross-departmental planning.
    • GDPR-compliant: Automatic deletion of rosters after x years, automatic deletion of master data of employees who have left after x months; data logs with automatic deletion after x months.
  • Absence management:
    • Unlimited number of calculation methods for leave, additional leave from night work or rotating shifts, relief days, compensatory time-off
    • Diverse screens for managing unplanned as well as planned absences (including automatic synchronisation with rosters)
    • "Substitute exchange": Digital workflow for (re)filling vacant slots (including push message on app)
  • Direct communication between employees and superiors
    • Platform for approval processes: Integrate employees into planning processes (Geocon WebClient, GeoconAPP)
    • Workflows for holiday applications, requested work times, duty changes, refilling of vacancies due to absence, booking data from timekeeping, etc.
  • Supplementary controlling and planning tools
    • Visualised personnel data based on created rosters and employee master data (Geocon Cockpit)
    • Monitoring of all decisive key figures of the institution / the provider
    • Rules and regulations for personnel-relevant dates and deadlines
  • Process-oriented role concepts
    • Freely configurable authorisation profiles with access definitions for all structures (rosters / wards / living areas / departments / locations)
    • Role delimitation for station manager, care services manager, facility manager, regional management, personnel, controlling, MD
    • Separate authorisations for employee representation and works council

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With Geocon you opt for:

  • Tariff-compliant mapping of all your requirements
  • Intuitive, user-friendly operability
  • Highest compatibility with third-party systems for data synchronisation
  • Professional implementation management, permanent accessibility
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