Staff rostering

economic - demand-based - employee-oriented

The shifts and rostering of more than 600,000 employees are already controlled by our rosters.

In addition, Geocon roster processes supplementary numerical values from all personnel-relevant third-party systems.

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Powerful planning

Our staff rostering solutions have been shaping IT-enabled human resources management for 25 years - in healthcare as well as in many other sectors with planning-intensive staff rostering.

With Geocon roster, various working time modules and consulting concepts, we support you in modern personnel planning that intelligently combines demand, resources and employee preferences.


Individual entries - control instances - transfer to scheduling

We make it easy for you and your employees: We automatically transfer every time entry at a terminal, on a smartphone or in a browser as an entry into our scheduling software.

Logging working times - hardware and web-based!

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More than 5.000 customers in over 12 countries use our staff rostering solutions

We have been carrying out consultancy projects in over 15 sectors for 25 years.

+ 1,500 installations
+ 600,000 planned employees
+ 5,000 customers

Visualised controlling

Monitoring of all important data for staff rostering and budgeting

Discover our Geocon Cockpit! Different perspectives on your company's key performance indicators enable you to take new approaches to controlling HR processes. With direct integration into existing business intelligence systems such as Power BI.

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Satisfied customers using Geocon products

Mobile solutions including absence management

Workflows for transparent staff rostering

Anytime and anywhere: We enable direct communication between employees and supervisors. Send requests - duty swaps - find replacements for absences. With Geocon WebClient and GeoconAPP, all parties always remain up-to-date, thus responding to changes immediately.

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Why should you choose Geocon

Intuitiv bedienbar

Easy to use

On-Premise or SaaS

Our Customers are free to choose! Exclusively within your own IT infrastructure in your own hands? No problem.
Or would you prefer cloud-based? In strict compliance with all security and data protection requirements? No problem either.

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